(Registered 1916)


    President: B.Baker     10 Manor Road

    Chairman: C.Stangroom    Penn

    Hon. Secretary: M.Berry    Wolverhampton

    Hon. Treasurer: R.Baker    WV4 5PY

           Tel: 01902 342516

    Rules of Penn Bowling & Social Club

    All Previous Rules Rescinded


    1. NAME

    The name of the Club shall be the “Penn Bowling and Social Club” and the address Manor Road Penn Wolverhampton West Midlands WV4 5PY.


    2. OBJECTS

    The objects for which the Club is formed are to practise bowling and games, indoor and outdoor, and to promote healthy recreation and social enjoyment amongst its members, and to provide premises where refreshments and amenities are available.



    There shall be three Trustees of the Club, who shall be elected by the Members, and they shall be ex-officio members of all the Committees of the Club. A trustee shall hold office for life or until resignation is offered in writing or is voted out of trusteeship at an Annual General Meeting or special meeting. All property of the club, including land and investments. Shall be held in the names of the trustees and the trustees shall be empowered to negotiate loans using the Club land and property as collateral following resolution by the Management Committee and a General Meeting. Any change in the trusteeship must be notified by the Secretary to all people with vested interests. Trustees shall have full speaking and voting rights on all Committees.



    The Officers of the club shall consist of the Trustees, see rule three, and the President, Chairman, (Vice Chairman) Treasurer, and Secretary, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The term of office for each officer, except Trustees, shall be one year and each Officer may be available for re-election.



    The Treasurer shall present the accounts of the Club to the certified Accountant, appointed by the Management Committee or Annual Meeting resolution, for audit at the end of the financial period. The Auditor shall present a report thereon each year.



    The affairs of the Club shall be managed by an elected Committee, which shall consist of the Officers of the Club and Twelve members elected at the Annual General Meeting. Eight voting members form a quorum. If a casual vacancy occurs by the virtue of the death, resignation, suspension, or expulsion of a member, then the Committee shall have the power to appoint a person from among the club membership to fill that vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.



    The Management Committee shall elect sub-committees to operate the functioning of the various Club activities usually within two weeks after the Annual General Meeting. At all meetings of sub-committees three shall form a quorum.



    Membership of the Club shall be open to persons over the age of sixteen. Membership may be granted under the following headings:

    a) Full Membership –     (see Rule eighteen). A member may be accompanied by his or her partner and children.

    b) Life Membership      The granting of life membership of the club shall only be undertaken at an Annual General Meeting.  A Life Member shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as other members, (there is no subscription charge).

    c) Honorary Membership           Members will become eligible for honorary membership at the age of sixty-five having been a member for fifteen years. The names and addresses shall be recorded in a special book. (There is no subscription charge).

    d) Temporary Membership     The Management Committee shall have the power to elect temporary Honorary Members. The names and addresses shall be entered into a special book kept for that purpose. (There is no subscription charge).



    The subscriptions shall be due and payable on election on 1st January and are not refundable. New applicants must pay an application fee with an appropriate subscription at the time of application, both sums to be refunded if not elected to membership, the amounts shall be decided by a resolution introduced at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions must be paid by 31st march.   Should a member not renew his/her membership in any year, and desire to do so the following year, the Secretary is empowered to renew that membership upon payment of the one-year subscription at the time as the current years subscription.

    The Club Committee may terminate the membership of any person who fail to pay his/her subscription within the time allowed. See also Rule eight. No member shall be eligible to nominate other applicants, vote, or enjoy Club amenities unless fully paid up.


    10. GAMES

    Gaming shall be permitted in the Club so however not to contravene any of the provisions of the Betting and Gaming and Lotteries Act or any such modification thereof for the time being in force or the Gaming Act.



    No drunkenness or bad language, disorderly conduct, racial or sexist remarks, shall be permitted on Club Premises.     Any member whose conduct is contrary to the general well being of the Club or contravenes these rules or civil law shall be reported to the Secretary. The Secretary will, dependant upon the cause of the misconduct, issue a warning letter and/or request the Members presence at the next Management Committee Meeting. A minor offence will entail a final warning letter followed by expulsion if not adhered to, but a more serious misdemeanour will warrant immediate expulsion by the Management Committee. No member expelled shall be eligible for re-election until the expiration of two years from the date of expulsion, or as otherwise directed by the Committee.



    Any member who shall cease to belong to the Club, whether by default, resignation or otherwise, shall have no claim upon, nor be entitled to participate in any of the effects or property of the Club, nor shall any part of any repayment he may have made to return to him/her


    13. NOTICES

    No pamphlet, advertisement, or notice shall be placed in any of the Club Rooms without permission of the Committee



    Any person guilty of wilful damage to club premises or goods may be proceeded against at law. This includes a member of the Club



    All complaints shall be made in writing and must be signed by the person making them and handed to the secretary of the club who shall place them before the next meeting of the Management Committee of the Club.



    The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held after the third Sunday in February in each year. The quorum for the meeting shall be thirty members. The Management Committee shall lay before the members a report of work during the preceding year together with a financial statement made up to the end of the Clubs financial year and duly audited.

    At the meeting all Officers and six members of the Management Committee shall retire and shall be eligible for re-election.  No Member of the Committee can remain in office for a longer period of two years without retiring and seeking re-election. Any member seeking election shall be fully paid up and have twelve months qualification of membership. Nominations for Officers and Committee must be received at least seven days before the date set for the meeting. Members nominated must be present at the Annual General Meeting for election unless detained for a special reason, which has been communicated to the Secretary prior to the meeting.


    The Secretary must give fourteen days notice to all members of any general or Special meeting.


    Any member wishing to bring any matter before any General Meeting must give notice thereof in writing with a proposer and seconder then to the Secretary at least seven days before the meeting.


    A Special Meeting of the Club shall be called by the Secretary at any time on a requisition signed by not less than thirty members. Such requisition shall state the business to be transacted at such meeting and no other business shall be transacted at such meeting.



    Members must be nominated for election to office and a paper ballet of members taken prior to the Annual General Meeting. The ballot count shall be undertaken by the Trustees.         At the General Meeting the voting shall be confined to full members of the Club each of whom shall have one vote. In the case of a tie the motion shall be lost. A simple majority shall be sufficient for ordinary motions put to the meeting but alterations in rules or amendments to the constitution must receive a majority of two thirds of the members present. Members entitled to vote but not attending such a general Meeting shall be bound by the decisions of that meeting.




    Every applicant for membership must be nominated by two fully paid up members who must countersign the application form. The membership fees must be deposited with the Secretary/Steward.

    No person may be admitted to membership or to the privilege of membership without an interval of at least two days between his/her nomination and admission.


    No applicant who is rejected may re-apply for membership until the expiration of twelve months from the date of his/her rejection, or as otherwise directed by the Club Committee.


    The Management Committee shall have the power to accept or refuse any application without stating a reason for refusal.




    Members may introduce a guest(s) to the Club, but not more than two guests may be admitted at any one time for one member. The member and his guest(s) must sign the visitor’s book kept for this purpose at the entrance to the Club. The member must accompany his/her guest(s) while on Club premises and is responsible for ensuring the rules of the Club are strictly observed.


    No person who has been expelled or refused membership shall be admitted as a temporary member.


    Any visiting team/Club attending the Club to partake in games or competitions shall be signed in en bloc.


    These visitors may purchase refreshments and intoxicating liquor while on Club premises, in accordance with Section forty nine of the licensing Act 1964.


    In addition to the right given to introduce guests the Management Committee may from time to time accept reservations by members of specified parts (but not the whole) of the Club premises for the purpose of private parties to be held by individual members. Any member reserving room(s) for such a function is solely responsible for their guests present and any damage caused to the room(s) during the period of reservation. The Management Committee shall determine the amount to be held as a deposit and the amount to be charged to the member making such booking in respect of the use of the Club’s property and the service of the Club’s servants.


    The Management Committee at its absolute discretion may permit admission to the Club premises of persons other than members and their guests and further permit the sale of intoxicating liquor to such persons by or on behalf of the Club for consumption on the premises on no more than eight occasions in any calendar year.

    Notwithstanding the above provision the Managements Committee may permit the premises to be used for the sale of intoxicants pursuant by the Licensing Justices of an occasional licence in respect of the Club premises.


    20. No new rule or alteration of existing rules shall be made except at a General Meeting or Special Meeting. Fourteen days previous notice in writing of such new rule or alteration of existing rule to be given to the Secretary and posted by him/her on the Notice Board of the Club. No such new rule or alteration of existing rule to be made unless carried by at least a two-thirds majority of the members present.


    The discussion at Management Committee meetings shall be private and no Officer or member of the Committee shall be allowed to disclose anything that has transpired without the assent of the Committee concerned.

    22. BYE LAWS

    The Committee may from time to time make up byelaws not inconsistent with those rules for the conduct of the members and the governing of the affairs of the Club. A copy of these byelaws must be made available on request to any member.



    If at any time the Club shall pass, in General Meeting by a two-thirds majority or more of the members present and entitled to vote, a resolution (In this rule called the FIRST resolution) of its intention to dissolve, the Management Committee or failing that the trustees shall take immediate steps to convert into money all the property of the Club with power however to postpone of delay the conversation if the Club shall so authorise in General Meeting.


    From the proceeds the Trustees shall discharge all debts and liabilities including the conversion expenses and the balance shall be disposed of by them as the Club in General Meeting resolved, and the Club for all purposes shall be dissolved. Provided that if the Club shall in six months after the date of the First Resolution resolve upon the disposition of any such balance, same shall be divided equally between all persons who were ordinary members of the Club at the date of the First Resolution.

    A copy of the notice convening the General Meeting under this rule shall be sent by the Secretary by post to every member at his/her address last notified to the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the appointed date for the meeting.

    Any accidental omission to send such copy or the non-receipt of same by a member shall not invalidate any proceedings or resolution.